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Based in South Carolina, Doug's Wild Alaska Salmon makes fresh-frozen salmon available locally in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida. Being the fisherman, we can provide you with the highest quality flash-frozen wild salmon. Dougswild is owned and operated by the Resetarits family, three generations of Alaskan fisherman spanning a 30 year period.

Grandpa Dan is a South Carolina resident who flies north each summer to join the boys for the harvest. Dad Doug, a part time Carolinian, is a 30 year Homer, Alaska native, a licensed Coast Guard captain and former Bering Sea crabber of "Deadliest Catch" fame. All four boy's began fishing salmon with Dad when they were 10, and together we operate four, 32 foot fishing boats during June and July. Bristol Bay is the largest wild "red salmon" or sockeye salmon fishery in the world. Certified sustainable, natural, and robust, the Alaska salmon fisheries are known worldwide as a model of successful fisheries management and economic prosperity.

As the fishermen, we are blessed to experience the beauty of Alaska during the renowned Bristol Bay fishing season, to participate in the native culture, and to work long hours side-by-side. Demand continues to increase for wild salmon and omega 3 rich diets, we are proud to make our fish available.

The Resetarits Family


Photographs, illustrations and recipes are courtesy of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute